Maja Stabel


With the dream of living a slower life and creating something meaningful Maja moved to the countryside outside Trondheim, Norway with her little family in the summer of 2017.

She’s been into sustainability within fashion since studying (fashion design) in Oslo and Copenhagen and felt a deep desire to make an impact by doing things differently.

Back in 2013 she’d already started a brand focusing on zero waste design (which she discovered and started practicing in 2012) and products, but it almost fell apart before it was started due to lack in funding and a failed production.

Stabel is a creative by heart and she also love to gather people. She desperately wanted to craft a business model that did more than just producing. Her solution is a brand that both makes finished garments, but also sell patterns and host workshops to teach people to make the garments themselves.

Everything is built on Maja’s zero waste approach with only using rectangle pattern pieces that interlock like a jigsaw puzzle.

Her illustrations is an integrated part of her brand which she transfer to the clothes by embroideries and paintings.

Stabel’s tagline is ‘I’m not a robot’ which refers to anyone who like to stand out and do things differently.

We’re living in a time where old systems and societal structures need to fall so there can be room for new ones to emerge.