Oda Skaathun


Skaathun works between Granada, Spain and Bergen, where she now lives. She received her BFA from the National Academy of the Arts in Oslo (2019) and is currently doing her MFA at KMD, Department of Contemporary Art in Bergen.

Oda Skaathun (b.1995, Norway) 

With a multidisciplinary approach spanning installation, performance, sculpture and drawing, her work is generally characterized by a naive, colorful and playful approach to feminist and existential thematic.

Her ongoing project «Kitchen Table Drawings» consists of a series of works that emerged from the artist engaging with limitations and changes. The work arose from the necessity, at the time, for a format fitting the artist’s role as a mother working from within the domestic sphere. «Kitchen Table Drawings» is partly a homage to women artists of the past, and partly a diary entry. The format is made to fit the kitchen table, and thus, directs us to spaces traditionally occupied by women. In her interiors, she is interested in creating a world free from the male gaze by drawing from her experiences as a woman, mother and human being.

Website: odaskaathun.com
Instagram: @odamargarita