Veja Kocarik


A Slovak garment & costume designer, a recent master graduate from KHIO, Veja Kocarik thinks about her garments in a context of applied lifestyle, as living objects having a life with the wearer.

In a research-based setting, she travels between Oslo and Radosovce (Slovakia) where she studies local dressing phenomenons and translates them into a contemporary and transcultural setting. She uses techniques such as domestic and hand embroidery, thread knitting, and hand pattern-printing. Most of the textiles and materials she works with were given to her, dealing with adjusting randomness into order and backward, she mainly uses forgotten local resources. The lost feelings of one of a kind, the prolonged satisfaction, the moment where you need to stop and look at the garment more carefully, the urge that garments make you think, practical yet subtle, all in one.

Here in Oslo, you can view her work at JF Curated.