Frederik Heyman




"A speculative present" is a new composition out of several recent video works of Frederik Heymans oeuvre.He will create a dialogue in between his personal and commissioned work.The eclectic oeuvre from Heyman is created in a photo realistic digital world, in which the question is asked how we can overcome humanity. Technology and the human body are the protagonists.

Heyman's various background is clearly visible in the working process. He likes to approach his world from the same point, but the outcome can vary in a totally different mix going from video, installations and photogaphy, preferably in a digital altered environment.In each image every element and action are carefully designed and defined in advance. Heyman uses photogrammetry to stage digital worlds out of relics of the past. Because one needs time to experience three dimensions, a 3D-scan is a bearer of duration.This duration gives Heyman’s work a narrative element which is often amplified by (mechanically induced) movement and timed text.

For Heyman, the 3D-scan is not only a means to conserve the past, but also a means to recycle the present and an attempt shape the future.