Ali Gallefoss x Holzweiler


On August 28th at 6:00 pm, Holzweiler will open their three-day exhibition with Ali Gallefoss in Prinsensgate right next to their flagship store.

The brand will for this forthcoming exhibition be collaborating with Norwegian spatial and

furniture designer, Ali Gallefoss. After a successful fashion show in Denmark during Copenhagen Fashion

Week, Holzweiler returns to their hometown of Oslo to exhibit the item that put them on the

map of fashion seven years ago - scarves. The Holzweiler scarves were officially launched in

2012 by siblings Susanne and Andreas Holzweiler and became an instant hit whilst showing

unique variations of prints and colours the country hadn’t seen before. This later spiraled into

a full ready-to-wear line for both men and women in July 2014. Through Gallefoss’ artistic

vision, you will be seeing recycled scarves from the Holzweiler repertoire in a new light and in

a new form, embracing the brand’s endless dedication to recycling and upcycling. “Furniture

design is for me very static and controlled, I find myself being in this industry to challenge

perfectionism and everything that’s considered nice and comfortable,” said Gallefoss.

The exhibition will be open from August 28th through August 30th in Prinsensgate.

About Ali Gallefoss:

Ali Gallefoss is a Norwegian furniture designer and spatial design artist based in Oslo,

Norway. He recently started on his master’s degree in furniture design and spatial design,

yet Gallefoss’ primary field of experience has been within the tropes of fashion. His work

challenges the notions of furniture design with his unorthodox and boundless take on

modern furniture, playing with negative space and density all in one composition. He has

previously exhibited his work at the Furniture Fair in Stockholm and Design Saturday in