February 5th 2020

New Norwegian brands at Fushion


Three unmissable brands discovered at the event that made the collaboration between Oslo Runway and Collective Oslo Fashion Art Festival possible

Originally published by VOGUE Italy

Fushion is the event that was held for the first time this year to sanction the collaboration between Oslo Runway , the traditional Norwegian fashion week, and Collective Oslo Fashion Art Festival - two events whose aim is to tell about the collaboration between fashion and art.

The protagonists of the event were designers and brands from Norway such as Michael Olestad, Avenue, Anne Karine Thorbjørnsen, Envelope; and international artists such as Frederik Heyman, Richie Talboy, Ahmed Umar. Their stories were intertwined, between sustainability projects and stories of liberation of territorial boundaries, family cages, between the technological push of photography and the glamorous touch of fashion cameras.



Villa Stenersen, an architectural masterpiece from 1939, is among the few works of Norwegian functionalism, as well as the former residence of the country's prime minister. It has seen artists, men of letters, politicians at international level pass within its walls. This is the frame of the SS20 show on Avenue which, given the premises, inherits the rationalist / functional spirit that characterizes the aesthetic identity of the city. Created in collaboration with the artist Are Blytt, the collection takes the best of both creative areas; from Blytt he collects the limits of the medium of expression and the play between image and text. Instead, from the creative duo of the brand, he collects the indie spirit of the Norwegian capital, interpreting the identities of the young people who populate Oslo. Curious the choice of A4 as the only module to build each piece. Another rationalistic and functional testimony of this young Oslo brand to keep an eye on.



Graduated from the European Design Institute in Milan, Tarinii Martinsen returns to Oslo to launch her menswear line, a natural continuation of the thesis that, already at that time, presented a menswear collection consisting of two fundamental elements for the Norwegian designer: denim and knitwear .

Martinsen titled 'Anima - Floating beneath the surface', his latest capsule dedicated to the Haenyeo fishing community, symbol for the designer of a profound encounter and pure knowledge with nature; a hypothetical ideal in which man and nature coexist, knowing and respecting each other.


Ingrid Bredholt

Bredholt coexists, by nature, with an artistic soul. This is testified by the collaborations that the Norwegian young creative has been making for years in a pure spirit of transformism from design; among other things, in addition to the birth of a second store in Oslo, Bredholt heralds a forthcoming visit to the Salone del Mobile to present a new interior project. Returning to fashion, Bredholt realizes with the photographer Victor Nicolai the project 'The Butterfly Kiss' presented on the occasion of the Fushion. The starting point is to return in a perspective where the art of the dress or the image itself is the protagonist, excluding the wearer from the image; even to the question of the vulnerability and intimacy of the person, of the human being. The human experience, alive and true, is the focus of this project - a stop to the digital experience that surrounds us today in every aspect of life.

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