Norwegian Rain & T-Michael



Name: Norwegian Rain & T-Michael


Insta: @norwegianrain_tmichael_oslo // @norwegianrain // @tmichael_bergen

Facebook: norwegianraintmichaeloslo

Norwegian Rain & T-Michael is located in the generous space of what once was restaurant Blom, a historical space drawn by heritage of the city’s artisans from late 1800s. Blom was Oslo’s «go-to» for well renowned artisans such as Henrik Ibsen and Bokken Lasson, to mention a few.It was the first place of its kind, also to let women visit without the supervision men. We are very proud of this space, and would humbly say that this is one of Oslo’s finest locations. A true gem.

To further the spirit of Blom, Norwegian Rain and T-Michael have opened up the historical space for an exhibition of visual arts and performance. A mix of established and aspiring artists, all friends of the house, will be allowed to give a new – perhaps diachronic – meaning to the interiors. A new Blom will be presented, as the autonomous transformation of the spaces will translate history, heritage and the contemporary stance found in, space, objects and fashion. A true Fusion.

Norwegian Rain is a sartorial take on waterproof extreme outerwear, combining Japanese sensibility and Bergen lifestyle – the rainiest city of Europe. T-MICHAEL is a bespoke tailor, designer and artist with a conceptual approach to men’s tailoring. His work aspire from sartorial traditions and his passionate quest for a different narrative within tailoring, design and creativity. 


Day 1

Christian Houge

Mechanophilia + Performance

Fredrik Høyer

Day 2

Mechanophilia + Exhibition

Simen Ulvestad

Synesthesia- Performance

Day 3

Synesthesia- Exhibition painting and sound

Duy AKA Vitaboy

Christopher Rådlund + Performance

Project Manager and Curator: Jens-Martin Misund Moland